Best Self Defense Ways for Women homemade techniques

 Best Self Defense Ways for Women homemade techniques

The world has become a dangerous place. As a result, prepare to defend yourself against the invaders. Many individuals believe that learning and practicing karate and other martial arts are excellent self-defense weapons. It can be beneficial and helpful for ladies with tall figures and sufficient physical power.

Best Self Defense Weapons for Women homemade techniques
 Best Self Defense Weapons for Women homemade techniques

For a lady who is small, weak, and skinny, however, it becomes quite difficult. Male attackers can easily overpower weak and slender women by using their physical statures to their advantage. This is why karate and martial arts are not suitable for all types of women, particularly those who are petite and skinny. As a result, we should consider some better options that will be quite useful and effective for all types of ladies.

Many excellent self-defense weapons have been released to the market to assist women in defending themselves against attackers. However, none of them are particularly successful or valuable.

A handful of these efficient self-defense weapons for women are listed below.

Bracelet with Pepper Spray

This is one of the weapons that is highly recommended for women. It has an immediate effect on an attacker, despite its diminutive size. The fact that it is hidden is the most advantageous aspect. Toner cartridges are neatly hidden by an adjustable silicone bracelet. It is portable and may be charged 3 to 6 times when traveling or strolling. It has a radius of 3 feet around you.

Knife for pens

A pen knife is a form of knife that is hidden inside the body of a pen. It has a very clever appearance. On one end, there's a functional pen, and on the other, there's a narrow, sharp knife blade. You can simply defend yourself against an assailant.


A pistol is arguably the most effective self-defense weapon ever devised. If she has a modest amount of training in using it, even a very weak lady can readily protect herself against an assault.

Keychain for Self-Defense

There are some fantastic self-defense key chains available, including one with a sharp knife to use in an emergency. The Wild Kat design is the most popular of the bunch.

Taser and stun gun

Stun guns and tasers can be quite useful in defending against an assailant. Although some believe it is an excellent non-lethal self-defense weapon for women, it is insufficient to beat the attacker totally. If an attacker snatches it away from you, it can cause a boomerang effect. As a result, it is secure when you can use it for self-defense.

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